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Chickpeas is a highly nutritious pulse and places third in the importance list of the food legumes that are cultivated throughout the world. There are mainly two types of chickpea produced i.e. Desi and Kabuli.

The Kabuli types are widely used in salads and vegetable while the Desi types are milled into flour. They are also used in wide variety of snacks foods, soups, sweets and condiments. In Middle East chick peas are widely consumed in form of dish known as hummus which is produced from meshed chick peas mixed with oils and spices.

India is the largest producer of this pulse contributing to around 70% of the world's total production. Desi type chickpeas largely dominate the ratio of production in India.

Specification for Chick Peas

Counts 75-80/7mm; 58-60/8mm; 44-66/10mm; 42-44/11mm; 38-40/14mm
Moisture 10-11% max
Add Mixture 0.50% to 1% max
Broken Kernels 1-2% max
Damaged Kernels 1-3% max
Discolored Kernels 2-3% ma
Weevilled 0.3% max
Undersize 10-15 %

We can supply Indian Chick Peas from India.

We will Provide -

  • Good Quality
  • Best Price
  • Delivery on Time
  • Standard Packing :- 25 Kg Gross in PP Bags
  • Quantity Stuffed in FCL :- 20 FCL-24 M.Tons

In House Grading Plant

In house Chick Pease grading Plant

  • Cylindrical Type of cleaning machine
  • Ensures clean and Quality Grain.
  • HPS